ICT 4 all Exposition, 15-19 novembre, Kram Palexpo, Tunis, Tunisie

Key numbers

The results of the ICT 4 all Exhibition are really promising! People will remember this experience.

+300 exhibitors
+70’000 visits
+65 countries
+30 national pavilions
+8’000 m2
+100 workshops


More pictures are available at: www.myriamphotography.com

Exhibitor Comments

Here are some exhibitor comments about the ICT 4 Hall exhibition

Dr. Paula Uimonen, Tanzania National Pavilion at WSIS Tunis

« ICT 4 All is all about people acting for a better tomorrow, through a smart use of new technologies. At the ICT 4 All Exhibition at WSIS Tunis, the very people who are building the information societies of tomorrow had a chance to share their experiences and showcase their solutions. The result was a splendid display of inclusive innovation, illustrating that WSIS is but the beginning of a process of social transformation taking place throughout the world.
The Otto Frei team did a splendid job in ensuring the success of the exhibition. While paying attention to all details of this complex undertaking, the team never lost their spirit of friendly helpfulness. One can but hope that this competence will be called upon to organize future events that allow ICT partners to share their experiences and develop networks for future action. »

Rinalia Abdul Rahim, Executive Director, Global Knowledge Partnership:

« Having had a successful partnership with Otto Frei AG at WSIS Geneva 2003, we were pleased to work with them once again at WSIS 2005. The success of the Global Knowledge Partnership in Tunis was in part due to the professional attitude and dedication of the Otto Frei AG team, which facilitated the organisation of our Pavilion, our 41 Forum and workshop events, our Multi-Stakeholder Partnership and ICT for Development Awards celebration, and our overall promotion. A remarkable effort indeed. »

ICT 4 all Exhibition

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